stiletto-heeled-spoop asked:

I've seen you mention somewhere that you wish you could have given Almalexia and Sotha Sil the same attention you gave Vivec, and I always thought what happened to them a damn shame. What would you have done with them if it had been up to you?

michaelkirkbride answered:

Before we had to cut TESIII down to just Vvardenfell, a lot of the notes on Almalexia and Sotha Sil were left on the floor. She was always supposed to go crazy, though. Sil was going to be a dead fractal dungeon that you would explore.

After I left, Todd told me at E3 the plot for Tribunal and it sounded cool and familiar enough that I decided not to write Almalexia’s Pillow Book or Sil’s 888-word death mantra that would end up being a palindrome.

I guess if Vivec was my fascination with transhumanity, then Almalexia was my fear of evil mothers and Sotha Sil my statement on Hell.


cassocks-deactivated20140210 asked:

What, exactly, would you change about Oblivion's representation of the Empire? When I go back from Morrowind or Skyrim to Oblivion, I feel the Empire just doesn't have the 'richness' of the Dunmeri and Nordic cultures represented in their respective games. The First Edition Pocket Guide leaves me hungry for Nibenese culture too.

michaelkirkbride answered:

I would change everything that went against the PGE. I might keep Shivering Isles, if I could rewrite its inane plot.


colinfranz asked:

How often do you think lesser Daedra are immersed in Nirn society like Velekh Sain? And if they are, what do people think of them? Since the barriers between mundus and oblivion are sealed, I don't imagine they're very common, and I also imagine many tamrielic citizens in 4E would be able to recognize a Dremora, Xivilai, Golden Saint, or Seducer. Would think they were some kind of Elf, or do the people still know what the more different kinds of lesser daedra look like despire their rarity?

ladynerevar answered:

This really depends on where you are. Daedra are relatively common and relatively accepted in places like High Rock and Morrowind. In places like Skyrim and Hammerfell, where magic and daedra worship are the exact opposite of popular, they are very, very rare. It would also break down more locally - a university or a town with a mages guild would be more exposed and better educated towards the Daedra, as would be a place that was over run by them at one point. Perceptions would vary along the same lines. 

Tamrielic citizens are probably able to recognize the most common types of Daedra, like Scamps and Dremora, just like we can recognize lions and zebras. For the rest, they should be able to tell that they are Daedra, though not necessarily know which one. For example, your average person can tell that a Okapi is some sort of weird horse thing, though they don’t know its name or anything about it. There are many cases of this to cite within the Keyes novels.